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Full Disclosure


As I begin this blog, I plan to write a lot about technology products. I want you as readers to know that I own a small number of shares in Apple, Intel and Cisco directly. I also want readers to know that I am not a fan of Apple products merely because I own stock in Apple. I own stock in Apple because I am a fan of Apple products. Next time you’re in a shopping mall with an Apple store, see if it’s the most crowded store in the mall.  Chances are, it is.



From this...

Welcome to The Wonder of Tech! This blog is designed for tech lovers, tech haters and anyone else who wants or needs to learn about the world of personal technology. I’m starting this blog because of all the amazing and rapid developments in personal technology over the past year. In fact, Stewart Wolpin of the Consumer Electronics Association (the organization that holds the Consumer Electronics Show) says that 2010-2011 will be remembered as the greatest tech years ever. Link:  2010-2011 The Greatest Tech Years Ever this! *

From talking to many friends and family members, I realize that there are quite a few people who feel left behind by the recent advancements in technology.  This blog is designed to sort through the tech world and let you know all about personal technology in plain English. I’ll let you know how tech can improve your life by making it more efficient, knowledgeable and fun! No such thing as a stupid question for this blog, we’re all here to learn.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the blog!

*Photo by Christian Lo